The VisionBring knowledge and support for cannabis to CRPS patients

CannaCRPS exists to bring knowledge and support for cannabis, to patients in California living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, by connecting them with reliable and trusted education on what types of cannabinoids and products other patients have used to find relief for a variety of symptoms. We are not medical professionals and do not diagnose or treat patients. At CannaCRPS, we know how important it is to ensure equal access to cannabis products for all patients with CRPS. Our goal is to alleviate some of the physical, mental, and financial stress involved with maintaining a consistent cannabis regiment. Additionally, CannaCRPS understands the difficulty many CRPS patients have in receiving the correct diagnosis, and so will also provide the same services to all persons living with chronic pain.

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Our goal is to
alleviate some of the physical, mental, and financial stress involved with maintaining a consistent
cannabis regiment.Carly Goebel

Cannabis and CRPSOur History

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a complicated disorder that affects many facets of a
person’s life, however, there is little awareness of the disorder in the medical community (Binkley,
2012). As a result, CRPS is likely vastly under diagnosed and there may be many patients suffering
due to lack of information, support, and proper treatment as early as possible. Unfortunately many
patients with CRPS see several doctors, over many years, before ever receiving a diagnosis of CRPS
(Binkley, 2012).

In 1994, the International Association for the Study of Pain came to a consensus on
the diagnostic term, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) type I/type II as a replacement for
disorders previously known as “Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy” and “Causalgia”, respectively (CRPS,
1994); type I having no apparent nerve lesion and type II with nerve lesion.


The DetailsSee exactly how we accomplish our goals.

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    Step 1: Fill out our application

    The first step to finding support through CannaCRPS is to fill out our application. Whether you areapplying for financial need or not, this application will provide us with a wealth of information aboutyour experience using cannabis and the products you may have already found to be useful.

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    Step 2: Gain access to a wide selection of cannabis products

    By becoming a member of our program, you willgain access to a wide selection of cannabis products that our team has reviewed and found to be clean,safe, and effective. With so many different cannabis products on the market these days, it can be veryhard to sift through them all to find the ones that legitimately work. Our goal is to take the work out ofthis process for you, so that you don’t waste time or money on products that are less than satisfactory.

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    Step 3: Choose the products in your box

    As new companies come on board with our process you may also have the opportunity to switch up thecontents of your box or add new items. We are also working very closely with these companies to helpthem understand how much medicine it takes to support a chronic pain patient and to encourage themto give us the best prices possible so that we can, in turn, give you those discounts!!!

The TeamMeet our amazing staff.